Tired of Wordpress? Finally an alternative

I've been designing websites since 1998. Before Wordpress. I used Dreamweaver and uploaded all of my files via FTP. Good times.

But since the mid-2000's, I've used self-hosted Wordpress sites.

And also, since the mid-2000's, I've encountered hundreds of Wordpress errrors. Script conflicts. Purchased thousands of dollars worth of themes and plug-ins.

These errors have increased in recent years.

No matter how much money I spend, it seems like something else breaks. I wake up to an email that my site crashed because of a Wordpress update.

Or maybe a plugin updated and crashed the site. Or a theme updated... and crashed the site...

The main reason I've put up with this is because I couldn't find another SEO- friendly customizable solution without spending a fortune for someone to manage my sites for me.

Until now.

This is not a scam. This is an all-in-one website and marketing solution

I thought it was too good to be true at first, then I tried it for myself.

I created a free blog, and added my URL. It's the website you're currently reading, Passive Income Truly.

Sign up here for your free account here.

What you get with your FREE account:

  • The ability to add a custom URL to your blog, to make it your main website. No need for hosting!
  • Offer a course for free, from your website! Keep it all in one place without an expensive Wordpress memership plugin.
  • Email list with up to 2,000 contacts
  • Free funnels!
  • Replaces: Wordpress, your email list provider, ClickFunnels if you're paying their huge prices, your web host, and more!

Better than the others

This isn't the first product I've seen that offered SO much for free, but it's the first one that actually works.

I've had hundreds of websites. Used a wide array of hosting services. Tried pretty much everything.

Within a few days of my free trial of this program, I knew I wanted to tell the world about them, because I know I've found something that can actually help people by eliminating the stumbling block of Wordpress. Stop letting confusing tech issues get in your way!

Yes, you can upgrade your account later to have more features, but you can easily use the free features to grow your business, pay for the upgrades as you make money. Simple and easy!

Click here to create your free account today.

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