Liz Jones' Story

When I was in college, from the end of 1998 to the beginning of 2001, I was trafficked by an ex-boyfriend.

It started with revenge p**n, which is now illegal in most states, but it wasn't back then. He coerced me into amateur p**n, which led to offline work.

I went along to survive.

I convinced myself I wanted to be there. In fact, I didn't even know that what he did to me was considered trafficking until 2015. I'd simply spent those years in shame, trying unsuccessfully to forget about them.

I lived in fear for years

Until 2015, all I knew was that what he did to me was wrong. I also knew it was a domestic violence situation, and the police were unhelpful. In fact, at one point, they even threatened to arrest me for going to them for help (click here for part one of a TikTok video where I talk about it, should be able to view in browser without logging in to TikTok).

After I broke free of him in 2001, I lived in fear that he would find me. He threatened me for years. Stalked me online and in person, even after I moved to a new state. Contacted employers with videos to try to get me fired when he could. Again, an offense for which he would easily be arrested today...

In 2011, I learned that he was m**dered (click here for a TikTok video where I talk about it), so I no longer had to fear for my life.

But it would be another four years (2015) until I accidentally discovered he had trafficked me when I was doing research for a book I was writing. It was only then I realized: if my character was trafficked, so was I.

In the years since 2015, I've gotten a lot of what I believe are signs from God (the Divine, the Universe - whatever makes you feel comfortable, but I call Him God), that I need to help other people with what I went through. And not only by talking about what happened to me back then, but also, by helping other people make passive income, in case they need an escape plan, an alternate source of income, or even just a way to put food on the table. I know how to do that. I can help.

Click here a TikTok video that shows why I talk about it online.

YouTube version of the same three minute video

I was too ashamed to talk about it before

Until the past few years, even after learning that I was the victim, I was still too ashamed to talk about it.

I would have rather just gone to sleep and never woken up again, if you know what I mean...

But in 2020, I saw a public service announcement post in a restroom in a hospital that made me realize how selfish I had been.

It warned women that they could be trafficked out of their own home by way of a domestic partner, and that even just being coerced to do cam work was considered to be, "trafficking," that it's a felony, and you could call the police.

If this is happening to you, I suggest your first stop be Polaris Project. They have a trafficking hotline, tons of resources, and do a great job of expelling the myths surrounding trafficking that have been exacerbated by sensationalized media stories, and movies like "Taken."

Trafficking and kidnapping are two separate crimes!

You don't have to be kidnapped to be trafficked. In fact, most people are trafficked by someone they know, including family members. It happens to all ages, all pronouns. It could be happening to your next door neighbor and they will act like everything's fine, like I did.

I will talk about it more over time, but I really believe my mission right now is to help other people make money online. Possibly others in my situation, who are just now realizing they are being trafficked.

Or maybe you have a bad reputation, can't pass a background check. You think you've messed up so much stuff in your life, there's no way you could make anything out of yourself.

But you're wrong.

There is HOPE for you.

Your past is a gift. Even your failures and your shame.

You see, a few good things came out of those two dark years when I was trafficked. One of those things was that, as a survival mechanism, I threw myself into the technical side of it, and I've been doing it ever since.

I learned to design websites before Wordpress existed. Back when people would ask me, "What's a website?"

I learned principles of online business back then that I still apply every single day, and have used to be successful in a variety of other industries since then. I've used the same principles to help other people make money as well.

But instead of being trafficked into using my talents to make someone else rich, I'd like to finally help those who really need it.

So, I'm going to start offering free videos on YouTube, and I will also have some free and paid courses, starting with a course to help you how to build a website for FREE that could make you passive income for the rest of your life - go here to create an account.

No, it's not a scam. It's the first thing I've ever found that I was excited to promote, Mostly because it finally replaces Wordpress for me. I've used self-hosted Wordpress sites for at least 14 years and I've had it with their technical issues... plugin crashes, update crashes, buying more expensive themes to go with expensive plugins, then more things crash...

Nope. Just sign up here. I will soon offer videos that make this setup a breeze.

If you want to start a blog, or YouTube channel, or anything else online, but you have no idea where to begin because you don't know what you would possibly do, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, or join the email list at the bottom of this page.

I can set you on a path to make passive income that you will actually ENJOY! I learned the hard way that if you try to do creative things that you hate, you will end up burnt out, miserable, and mentally ill, no matter how good it pays.

More on that later...


Our mission is to guide you along your spiritual path to what TRULY fulfills you, and use that to make money, while you help others, and also find healing.